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East West Moissanite Ring + Diamond Wedding Bands by La More Design

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Add a crown or two to your bridal set, like these Curved Crown Diamond Wedding Rings added with an One Of A Kind 3 Stone Moissanite Engagement Ring in East West setting~ Check out the curved wedding bands collection by La More Design here!

In 1929 until the 1930s, wedding gowns were traditionally based on Victorian styles.

Over Time
Many styles of gowns have evolved over time. The reasons for marriage have become more of a consensus between the persons to be wed than a forced arrangement. But still, the concept of the rich showing off their luxuries especially on their wedding day still stands. Weddings nowadays are still a proof of what social class the people involved in the union belongs to.

Other Popular Gowns
While at the present, white gowns are still favorable among many brides-to-be, there are many other styles and colors depending on where you are.

For example, in China, the brides generally wear gowns in red color because for them, it is a sign of good luck. Although in the more modern Chinese unions, the bride often follows the western way of having a white wedding dress. It is just later during their wedding day that they change into a red gown and may also opt for something in a gold color after.

In the northern parts of India, women’s dresses are also in red. This, for them symbolizes auspiciousness. While the color green is also used at these parts of the country for wedding dresses as a sign of fertility. In the southern parts of India, instead of gowns, women choose to wear the sari for this occasion, and then change into more traditional Indian clothes like lehnga, choli, among other, afterwards.

The celebration of marriage is really something to behold and cherished despite what you wear on this occasion. Choosing the perfect wedding dress design is only part of the preparation, the important thing is what this union symbolizes and how the couple looks at the future ahead of them.

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